Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Activity 2 - Monera, Protista and Fungi

- May be unicellular (e.g. yeast) or multicellular (e.g. moulds)
- Body of multicellular
- fungus is made up of fine threads
- Presence of cell wall made up of chitin
- Chlorophyll absent
- Can reproduce sexually or asexually

-Unicellular organisms
- Have membrane-bound organelles i.e. eukaryotes
- Divided into three main categories: the plant like algae, animal like protozoans and fungus like slime molds.
  • Protista with mitochondria include, Trypanosoma, a genus of blood parasites.
  • Simplest of the eukaryotes.
- Monera is a single celled organism that does not have a nuclear membrane
- Monera has no membrane bound organelles
- Monera has genetic material is in the cytoplasm called nucleoid
- Some monera have a tail-like flagella for movement
- Monera are usually round, rod-like or spiral in shape.

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